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Sammy’s Mexican Grill On Fox News “Varney & Co.” today

At a campaign rally last week in Arizona, Donald Trump saw a woman holding a “Latinos Love D. Trump” sign in the audience, so he brought her onstage.

“I love her, I’m falling in love!” Trump said as the crowd cheered. “Melania, I’m falling in love with her!”

Betty Rivas, who owns Sammy’s Mexican Grill in Tucson, says that in the days since she made headlines at the Trump rally, there have been calls to boycott her restaurant, and she has received threats and menacing phone calls.

On “Varney & Co.” today, Rivas explained that many Latino and Hispanic people were upset about her sign,¬†accusing her of being a racist.

She told Stuart Varney that she was just speaking for herself and her family, not all Latino people.

Rivas said that despite the fallout, she’s still a Trump supporter. And he supports her too.

After Trump posted on Facebook about the death threats and calls to boycott, there has been a backlash to the backlash, and Sammy’s is doing big business.

Rivas’ husband, Jorge, said that the restaurant is about three times as busy as before his wife made headlines.

“People are saying, ‘We don’t agree with Trump, I’m not going to vote for him, but I stand with you because we agree that we should have the liberty to move around without anybody saying we want to hurt you if you do that,'” he said.

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  1. Man I wish I lived closer, I live in North Carolina and miss my west coast Mexican food, its good here but nothing like home, Cali and Arizona. I looked at your menu and it made me that I cant eat your food as it looks amazing…..keep your chin up y’all have many praying for you….

  2. Thank you for your courage and for standing tall for America! NEVER let anyone silence your right to speech in the USA. Years ago, so many fought for us and gave their lives so that WE could have “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Thank you!

  3. I too am latino and support Trump.You are extremely brave.I am under threat if I place an American flag at my business.I was told that it would offend the illegal aliens so I dont get to display my new love.My family crossed the border and dropped the mexican flag and picked up the american flag.I refuse to be a parasite to an american host.I am not a traitor to my home country,but I will assimilate to The USA.Mexico is corrupt and parasitic by there cartel and takes advantage of america.

  4. God bless you both.. Thank you for being such a blessing to The United States of America. America needs more people like you.
    I am from England, but love this country also.
    Thanks again for the stand you are making.

  5. More power to you guys! I’m from AL, and will likely never be lucky enough to visit your restaurant. However, it’s Americans like you that make our country the greatest on earth. We are with you! Who you vote for is irrelevant, just be sure to VOTE! (Although I hope you vote Republican) God Bless

  6. We are from western NY state and so proud to see that you have become successful in the USA and set such a great example for others to live the dream! We love the Mexican culture and certainly the cuisine! Next time we make it to AZ we will definitely be stopping in to experience your restaurant. We wish all the best with continued success to you, are hearts are with you! God bless you and America.

  7. God Bless you for sticking up for your rights, this is what makes America great, people need to remember this is what America stands for, freedom of speech, freedom to make your own decisions, don’t let anyone try to tell you how you should think . Stick to your guns.

  8. Thank you for your support for Donald Trump. I saw you on Fox and Friends this morning. I want you to know that even though there are some who criticize you, there are many more of us who love you and support you. We need more people like you. Together we can make America great again!

  9. It is heart warming to see the values of Liberty, Freedom, and the truth prevail in today’s political environment. The haters on the left “modus operandi”, is to shut you down to stop you, because you think differently than them, from exercising your 1st Amendment rights. They do not know the meanings of Freedom and Liberty. Thank you for not caving in to their threats and attacks. God bless you Riva and Jorge. God bless America.

    Viva la Libertad !

    Long live Freedom !

  10. Assuming you are a US citizen, I made a donation because I fully support your constitutional rights. I noticed that your web url is incorrectly listed on Yelp. May I suggest that you set-up a storefront on your website and sell promotional items themed to your restaurant and the U.S. constitution, free enterprise, liberty and prosperity. I’m a Constitutional conservative and would love to have a coffee mug with your restaurant logo and text stating “The U.S. Constitution protects ALL Americans!” Feel free to contact me if I can help in any way.

  11. I saw you both on Fox and Friends . You and your story are just what America has been all about . You have been allowed the create your business because of the liberty and freedom we enjoy by being able to live in the greatest nation on Earth.

    Know that millions stand behind your courage to step forth and express your 1st Amendment Rights.

  12. The 14 mile trek to Saddlebrooke from Tucson will certainally Always!
    include a stop at Sammy’s . You make it very easy to support you both for standing up for what you believe is good and right by serving
    the “Best Mexican eats” anywhere in a very competitive market.

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